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New Rogue Ability: UNDERCOVER

Okay, well this is really neat! Some interesting interactions to think about when designing for this mechanic:

  • Soul of the Harvest and similar cards.
  • Any spells or ability that require you to tap a creature you control get better.
  • Limited design space with rogues/spies, it could easily just turn into tribal in a full set.
  • Any cards that return to owner’s hand gain a whole new meaning because they will return undercover creatures to your hand and give you the opportunity to cast them not undercover.

P.S. Super minor detail, but in the reminder text it should be “opponent’s control” with an apostrophe because it’s possessive.

these are really interesting

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Prerelease today! I’ll be playing Temur.

Preliminary reports from day one say I’ll likely get run down by Azban players, but we’ll see.

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destrarage asked: So I was looking through future sight and I found the card ghostfire, which is a colourless sorcery with red mana in the casting cost. The flavour text also references Ugin. Care to explain?


No. It is a very interesting card though.

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Alright, Its motha fukken story time. Last night I dropped off that pull list I mentioned yesterday. Today I picked it up and they were short a few key cards, so its off to the back up LGS. Anyways, I arrive and give them the rest the list, and while I’m waiting the other fucker workin there asks…

Are you kidding it’s #TeamDamia all day for me. How else are you supposed to fuel them spell shapers?

Right? Diving witch into laboratory maniac into no deck is not only easy as hell with damia, but fucking hilarious.

Damia is off the chain. Id like to see sidisi try to break insidious dreams.

Yeah, mang. Most of his argument was Damia is cmc 7 and sidsi is cmc 4. Hell, that was the whole argument. That and he tried to counter my “always full hand” argument by saying she wouldn’t drop til t7 and I’m like, thats why I run a good bit ramp, shes dropped no later than t6 and I’ve managed t2 twice.

Ugh, it was just a super exhausting argument that didn’t need to happen let alone from a LGS worker.

okay I gotta ask: how’d you manage a turn 2 Damia?